Ebro Delta

The Delta Nature Reserve is one of the most extensive wetlands of Mediterranean Europe. The Ebro Delta offers a setting of incomparable, unique and singular nature. A landscape of a great biological wealth that brings together a diversity of flora and fauna, invaluable.

The Ebro Delta Natural Park is located on the southern limit of Catalonia, in the province of Tarragona. It was declared a National Park in 1983 and currently has more than 7,000 hectares that form the Biosphere Reserve of the Ebro Lands.

The Ebro River delta offers a surprisingly, rich and unique variety of natural landscapes. It is scenery of a great biological richness that receives a diversity of fauna and flora of an inestimable value. With 320 km2 of surface, constitutes the most extensive aquatic habitat of the Catalan lands and represents an enclave of vital importance within wetlands of the Mediterranean.

The uniqueness of the Ebro Delta is expressed by its physical reality, geographic, natural and also, by its particular traditions, the culture, the architectural heritage and the history.

The landscape of the Ebro Delta has a strong personality. The lands completely flat give a particular aspect. The vast rice fields, changing according to the seasons dominate the appearance of Ebro Delta. On the side of the coast we find one of the landscapes more attractive of the Mediterranean: large lagoons surrounded by reed beds and rushes. In the peripheral part we find large areas of saline soils and saline areas, long and desert beaches with dunes topped with marram grass and other plants highly adapted to the environment.


In the Delta del Ebre you can perform a wide variety of adventure sports, such as climbing, hiking, sport fishing, canoeing, archery, water skiing, diving, mountain-biking and other sports equally attractive.

Bicycle routes

Land tracks, tranquility, rice fields, beaches… this environment favors active bicycle tours through the little villages around.


For the bird lovers, this is a paradis: there are those who live all year and the ones that migrate.  the account exceeds 250,000 copies in the reserve of the natural park.
If you do not have time to go and observe them… Surely you can hear them singing.

Enjoy the Beaches

Many nautic activities can be done in the Mediterranean sea, such kayak, kitesurf, lay in the beach…

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