Friday, June 21

This singer From Amposta seduces everybody with an intense and full of feeling voice.

Her participation at a famous musical program in the channel Antena 3 has captivated everybody, had very good reviews and thrilled the coaches” of the program. She will surprises us with a variety of songs to make us dance from our deepest feelings.

Listen to her singing a version of ‘Lost on you‘. You fall in love with her!

Alan Bike & MA Lonesome

Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23

Duet formed by Alan Bike, with his voice and acoustic guitar, and MA Lonesome, playing harmonica, kazoo and voice. They are known for playing Blues classics such as Charley Patton, Howlin Wolf, Josh White, among others but also do play their own compositions.

Their tendency to interact with the public leads to surprising improvisations, living singular and unforgettable moments like this!


The Rusties Blues Band

Saturday, June 22

Band from Ripoll and Garrotxa formed in 2013. It will take us to the history of Blues with its live music, getting trough different moments of the shistory of blues, bringing it  to our souls.

Miquel Grifell, with his voice, the acoustic guitar, resonators, electric and harmonica; Manel Gaspar on piano and hammond; Miquel Pascal on double bass and electric bass and Karlus Miguel on drums.

With them we will travel throughout the history of Blues! Listen to them here! And also with the song ‘Of the night‘.


Ronan one Man Band & Marko Balland

Saturday, June 22

They are a couple of Blues musicians well known in the French music scenários.

Marko Balland is an harmonica player who stands out for his unique touch and virtuous sound that comes from his harmonica. Acquired in his long experience on stages and in very famous and international festivals.

Ronan One Man Band, clinging to his guitar cigarbox (pioneer in France), a bass drum, a box with his feet and his deep voice, will move us to his most devil Blues. He is regular in France and has participated in different festivals around the world.

Both musicians offer brilliant moments of intense Blues by uniting their music and experience. It will be one occasion to listen their concert in the festival.

Click here to see them live and listen to your powerful voice!


Edu “Big Hands”

Sunday, June 23

Edu “Big Hands” will make you vibrate through their “high voltage music”.  He combines his electric face with his role as interpreter of the old traditional Blues, where he really acquires great recognition from the specialized critics and from the public in general.

You can find influences from the Dixieland of New Orleans, the Barrelhouse of Texas or the Boogie-Woogie of Chicago.

We are sure that you will not stop dancing with all that music. Even if you are inside the pool!

Click here to see a small sample of what awaits you!

Los Gumbo Blues Band

Monday, June 24

The critics define them: “More than a duet, a band of two!” “A real Two Man Band!”

The sum of Alberto Gulias (voice, percussion, harmonica) and Reinaldo Rivero (electric guitar, choirs), is the result of the symbiosis and musical chemistry seen in his live concerts. Their performances freeze the public, being the most explosive found in the Blues scene.

They lead toghether since 2010, THE GUMBO BLUES BAND, one of the most active references from the Canary Rhythm’n’Blues. They arrive directly from the islands to get you crazy with the rhythm  of their blues.

Listen to them:

– ‘Make up your mind

– ‘You don’t exist anymore

Gary Bolo

Saturday, June 22

Gary Bolo is a globetrotting musician, settled in recent years in the Delta del Ebro.

Through his most passionate Blues, close and direct, sure on Saturday, after tasting the cuisine of the Delta, will make us get up from the chairs to dance and accompany him, following the rhythm of his songs interpreted with his characteristic style.


The Bald Brothers

These DJ’s have a great experience in local events and international festivals.

With their 100% Blues versions and their variety of styles, they cover the entire Mississippi River, from the Jazz-Blues of Nova Orleans, from the blues of Chicago to the rural classics of the Delta.

You will not stop dancing with this couple of “Bluesmen”!

Los Ramones

These well known Dj’s, claimed at national and international festivals, will surprise us with their Fusion music. His sessions are a journey through the senses to make you slide around the floor   with your eyes closed.

Trust them and let yourself carried away by them!