The Blues of Emotions

In this workshop you will feel how the Blues come from your emotions and will show you how to flow and transmit what the music inspires in you. Xavi is a recognized teacher linked with emotional work, who will accompany you in this fun experience of going beyond the steps of dance, coming  from the heart.

To consider:

  • Class open to all levels
  • Does not require registration as a couple

Sandra & Marc

Blues Dance Initiation

Does Blues music make your blood hot? Your feet do not stop moving at your pace when you hear it, but you do not know how to express yourself? Have you never thought that the Blues could be danced?

Well this is your workshop.

Sandra and Marc have been exploring the dance and the Blues for years, and they will show you the basic movements to make you feel more comfortable in any dance floor.

Afterwards you can shout: The blues can also be danced!!

To consider:

  • Open class for beginner dancers
  • Does not require registration as a couple